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Your food choices every day affects your health and how you will be feeling today, tomorrow and in the future. Good health is all in your hands and good nutrition is the most important factor that contributes towards a healthy lifestyle. A well balanced nutrition plan complemented with an exercise regime will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart diseases and cancer and promote overall health and well being.

How Dt. Taniya Can Help You

Our Nutrition Programs are based on the most authentic and up-to-date scientific principles. We will help you to understand your body and it's nutritional needs much better than you ever have before. We aim to educate you on how to make intelligent, insightful and wise food choices. We help you reach your ideal body type and fitness goal by designing customized diets and exercise regime because diet and exercise go hand-in-hand.


Healthy Weight Loss Diet

With our healthy weight loss diets, you will not only be able to trim down but also tone up. A correct weight loss diet is about ‘Eating Right’. This means eating the Right Foods in Right Amounts at the Right Time to meet all the nutritional needs of the body. Unlike yo-yo diets which can harm your body over the long term, our customized diet plans and work out regimes will help you attain sustained Muscle Gain + Fat Loss easily and effectively.

Diabetic Diet

Diet in diabetes is of the most important tool to control blood glucose levels which can vary on day today basis depending upon the composition of meal, time of eating and medications, physical activity levels. Traditional Indian diets with lots of fibre minus refined sugars, low intake of fat and moderate amount of protein generally form the basis of the diet. Meal planning for both, Type 1 (Insulin dependent) and Type 2 diabetics with customized diet plans according to the medicines and exercise regime. The goal is to avoid hypoglycemia, maintain optimal weight, blood pressure and blood fats at normal level.

Healthy Heart Diet

We have the perfect nutrition program to get you to your healthiest best before you plan pregnancy, during your pregnancy and after you deliver. We prescribe diets in order to meet your macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient requirement which helps you and your baby to grow healthily. In addition we teach you tips to ward off Morning sickness and indigestion problems. Post pregnancy nutritional needs will be taken care of too.

Prenatal Postnatal Diet

This program includes dietary advice for all types of hyperlipoproteinemias , congestive cardiac failure, strokes and coronary heart diseases. Cardiac diets aim at correction of blood fat levels, normalizing blood pressure, weight reduction, and fluid balance. Learn to enrich your diet with nutrients that help to boost up functioning of your heart and overall improvement in quality life.

Customized Diet

Put your diet on autopilot. Eat This Much creates personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule. Reach your diet and nutritional goals with our calorie calculator, weekly meal plans, grocery lists and more. Create your meal plan right here in seconds.